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Tyler Jennings: A Deeper Look


Since coming to Towson University film student Tyler Jennings has learned a lot but still isn’t satisfied with where he is right now.

Since he was young Jennings has been creating short films with his friends and a camcorder. Jennings sought a medium to express his creativity and he found that film was the perfect fit.

“The possibilities are almost limitless. With new technology, you kind of find that you can create whatever you want and to me that is beautiful,” said Jennings.

He began his major at Anne Arundel Community and transferred to Towson so he could continue to expand his experience.

TU junior Khalid Merene began acting in Tyler’s videos in high school and he has been acting in them ever since. “I’m glad I’m able to be apart of it. Honestly, after doing his videos for so long I’ve become more interested in the process of filmmaking which why I’m now an EMF minor,” said Merene.

His filmmaking has been influenced by the wit of a Edgar Wright movies, the shocking imagery of Darren Aronofsky movies and the intensity of Christopher Nolan movies.

When asked about how he comes up with ideas for videos Jennings said, “It’s really just being inspired by different elements of my life … It’s connecting dots and finding that some dots don’t work and taking a small idea and make it into something interesting that I would love to share.”

Jennings weeks are filled with three hour EMF classes ranging from audio to production. While outside class, he is working on projects for class, project for himself and projects for his Greek house Lambda Kappa Tau, also known as LKT.

Because of this his schedule is packed and he said that he is always working; even when he is not he has a sense that he should be working on something.

But since entering Towson University Jennings said he has had the opportunity to learn even more about film. “It has made me open my eyes to the world of film more, so like, I  know what makes something good or bad or interesting. It’s made me see the progress in myself and how I can make things better,” said Jennings.

Merene has gotten to see firsthand how Jennings style has changed as a director. “We used to do a lot of darker stuff, the plots were always convoluted in some kind of way. But now it’s more experimental, doing comedic stuff, some serious stuff, we just finished a romantic comedy … His style has evolved I think.”

Jennings says his main motivator is being the best he can be at film. Each time he has an idea he pushes it as far as he can so each thing he creates is better than the last.

“These ideas push me to go in, they make me [think] ‘if I learn this, if I get a job, if I start working this will lead to more films and those films will lead to awards will lead to success and that success will lead to appreciation from peers and family.’ And that idea of being the best keeps me motivated,” said Jennings.


Tyler Jennings: Road to Film

Tyler Jennings spends days editing even one of his videos   (Photo by: Courtland Brown-Tabscott / TU Student)

Tyler Jennings has been making videos since before he entered college. Since coming to Towson University he has learned a lot about the subject but still isn’t satisfied with where he is right now. As a hardworking film student Jennings is always pushing himself to be the best.


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A Major Change

By Courtland Brown-Tabscott

“I might’ve regretted [studying] it later if I took IT because I would’ve wasted four years of my life doing something that I hated and that would not have been fun,” said Towson theater major Divya Rayamajhi.

College students change their majors because of dissatisfaction they find in their original major. This can be a difficult decision because the student has finances, graduation date and a completely different career to consider.

Theater has been a passion of Rayamajhi’s since she first began college but she had decided to place her focus on acquiring a stable work which is why she initially chose to major in computer sciences.

Rayamajhi said this is her third time deciding she is going to take theater “for sure, for sure”. She desires a fixed job that will give her good money after her four years of study but if Rayamajhi is not “doing what you love and loving what you do” she does not see the point.

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TU Students Met Herd of Goats


Towson students took pictures of visiting goats with their phones under the Glen Bridge Tuesday morning in order to better understand photography.

Saving Face vs Truth

A news journalist job is to report events as they happen, timely and accurately. But journalist run the risk of ruining lives and reputations. It may be something minor like a president lying about sleeping with a college student. It could be something more serious like a president breaking into the Democratic National committee. But what is similar about both these things? They are both true events that actually happened. But does the public have a right to know about them and and what cost? While Nixon’s reputation was a little more dubious Bill Clinton was well liked and had high approval ratings. He didn’t do anything politically dishonest yet he was impeached nonetheless. Should the media have blown his scandal up the way they did.

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Public Relation (PR)

Public relation is “the professional maintenance of a favorable public image by a company or other organization or a famous person.” This image can either be seen as positive or negative by the public. Business Insider cites the Taco Bell coverup as a good example of good pr. When Taco Bell was reported to use beef with only 35%, 5% lower than what the FDA allows, many consumers were enraged. They remedied this by quickly changing the recipe then sharing that recipe with the public. By making they’re secret public information they were able to makeshift some credibility. The fans responded positively and Taco Bell had successfully side stepped a great lawsuit.

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Advertising in the US of A

Model Kate Upton is eating a sandwich at a drive-in movie theater. For some reason, she decides to pick apart the sandwich and eat it piece by piece. She does this while climbing all around her car as the camera zooms into her sweaty cleavage. Apparently, the sandwich is so hot she needs to fan herself off with her hand and slowly undress…piece by piece.

Kate Upton Carl Jr and Hardee Continue reading “Advertising in the US of A”

Diversity in TV

Diversity in television is important because it demonstrates a progressive hollywood and a connection to the fan base. Fans enjoy seeing people of like nature in their favorite TV shows because they feel like their community is being recognized. People of a certain race, gender and sexuality identify with characters on a show that share their characteristics. Because of this channels like BET (Black Entertainment Television) have risen in popularity. The CW is known for having the most diversity in its show’s casts. Shows like The Flash and The 100 make sure to always include a multi-racial cast with at least one homosexual character. Continue reading “Diversity in TV”


Tumblr is a social networking website and also a microblog. The content is much smaller and more compact than a normal blog, each post being full but brief. Users can either create and post their own content or follow other bloggers and view their content. These post can range from news stories, short stories, poems, drawings or photography pictures. Nowadays the site has received flack for being heavily populated with pornographic material. Continue reading “Tumblr”

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