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TU Students Met Herd of Goats


Towson students took pictures of visiting goats with their phones under the Glen Bridge Tuesday morning in order to better understand photography.


Saving Face vs Truth

A news journalist job is to report events as they happen, timely and accurately. But journalist run the risk of ruining lives and reputations. It may be something minor like a president lying about sleeping with a college student. It could be something more serious like a president breaking into the Democratic National committee. But what is similar about both these things? They are both true events that actually happened. But does the public have a right to know about them and and what cost? While Nixon’s reputation was a little more dubious Bill Clinton was well liked and had high approval ratings. He didn’t do anything politically dishonest yet he was impeached nonetheless. Should the media have blown his scandal up the way they did.

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Public Relation (PR)

Public relation is “the professional maintenance of a favorable public image by a company or other organization or a famous person.” This image can either be seen as positive or negative by the public. Business Insider cites the Taco Bell coverup as a good example of good pr. When Taco Bell was reported to use beef with only 35%, 5% lower than what the FDA allows, many consumers were enraged. They remedied this by quickly changing the recipe then sharing that recipe with the public. By making they’re secret public information they were able to makeshift some credibility. The fans responded positively and Taco Bell had successfully side stepped a great lawsuit.

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Advertising in the US of A

Model Kate Upton is eating a sandwich at a drive-in movie theater. For some reason, she decides to pick apart the sandwich and eat it piece by piece. She does this while climbing all around her car as the camera zooms into her sweaty cleavage. Apparently, the sandwich is so hot she needs to fan herself off with her hand and slowly undress…piece by piece.

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Diversity in TV

Diversity in television is important because it demonstrates a progressive hollywood and a connection to the fan base. Fans enjoy seeing people of like nature in their favorite TV shows because they feel like their community is being recognized. People of a certain race, gender and sexuality identify with characters on a show that share their characteristics. Because of this channels like BET (Black Entertainment Television) have risen in popularity. The CW is known for having the most diversity in its show’s casts. Shows like The Flash and The 100 make sure to always include a multi-racial cast with at least one homosexual character. Continue reading “Diversity in TV”


Tumblr is a social networking website and also a microblog. The content is much smaller and more compact than a normal blog, each post being full but brief. Users can either create and post their own content or follow other bloggers and view their content. These post can range from news stories, short stories, poems, drawings or photography pictures. Nowadays the site has received flack for being heavily populated with pornographic material. Continue reading “Tumblr”

Subconscious Branding

Branding is more than just visuals that we are pelted with day after day. Effective branding works at a subconscious level and becomes hard wired. An eponym is something that is named after a person or thing. Certain brands have reached this status by becoming a generic trademark. Certain brands have become such household names that we don’t even realized how they’ve monopolized our vocabulary. For instance, what would you call an adhesive bandage with used to stop cut from bleeding? What is another way to tell someone you need them to make a copy of a paper? Though as you answer you may not realize that these are brand names, not just the name of the object. The branding of Band-Aid and Xerox is so embedded that their respective objects are actually named after them. Continue reading “Subconscious Branding”

Pulp Fiction Review

Quentin Tarantino is known to be foul-mouthed, gratuitous and over the top. However, because of this many regard him as a mad genius. He has made relatively few movies in his long career; it can be argued that he values quality over quantity. Pulp Fiction has stood the test of time as one of Tarantino’s greatest works and is highly revered by film scholars. Tarantino has a way of subverting cinematography and genre while still paying homage to the films he’s drawn inspiration from. Despite not overarching plot, protagonist or for that matter moral, it can simply be seen as a movie just trying to be fun and cool. And though it’s been criticized for being a popcorn flick and nothing else Tarantino shows years of film experience in the subtlest ways. The movie Pulp Fiction tell three different stories of completely separate sets of characters that are connected by loose threads. Continue reading “Pulp Fiction Review”

My First Experience with the Internet

The internet is only slightly older than me and I’ve gotten to see it grow as I have. I’ve used it for research, news and entertainment almost every day since I way young. But before I had to worry about getting information for about completing online courses or ripping off Wikipedia entries for papers I would play a lot of online games. I still do but nowadays I don’t have the same interest in them as I used to.

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